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Fund an animal. Help save a life.

When one day can mean the difference between safety and uncertainty, PetGiving allows you to
cover the costs of care and directly help animal rescue groups and shelters save more lives.

Cat in shelter

Sheltered ≠ Safe

Shelters provide an important service, but a dog or cat in an animal shelter isn't necessarily safe, despite our ideas of what “shelter” should mean.

In the U.S., there are two different types of shelters: limited intake and open intake. Limited intake shelters can choose which animals they accept into their shelter and can turn animals away when they’ve reached capacity. By contrast, open intake shelters are required to take every animal that comes to them through animal control or private citizens. Unfortunately, most open intake shelters simply don’t have the space to keep an animal for an extended length of time when the rate of new animals arriving each day doesn’t match the rate of those leaving.

Massive efforts are made to manage intake and prevent euthanasia in shelters across the country. Still, many shelters rely heavily on their own adoption, foster and transport programs, while others turn to partnerships with rescue groups to help save animals’ lives.

Now more than ever, an increasing number of animals are being saved due to these efforts and many others, but the people who are saving them need your help. Collaboration between the community and shelters drives lifesaving success. That’s where your participation with PetGiving comes in.

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Dog in shelter

Animal Rescue Groups Help Save Lives

When it comes to saving animals, rescue groups are key to the solution. When they rescue one animal from a crowded shelter, they give another animal a better chance of survival. But rescue groups have limited resources. Without outside donations, these groups face tough decisions about when and how often they can save a life.

Most rescue groups could save more lives if they just had more money to cover the costs of an animal’s care. That's how PetGiving helps. PetGiving is the first donation solution designed to help people help rescue groups and shelters save more lives by covering costs of an animal’s care.

Shelter pets need your help. Choose the animal you want to support and help save a life.

See How It Works

How It Works

With PetGiving, you can pre-fund the costs of care for a shelter animal in urgent need. When you do, you provide the money and incentive for a rescue group to step in when they’re needed most. It’s a win-win for everyone: for the animal, the shelter, the rescue group – and you.

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Why It Works

Lack of funds often keeps rescue groups from helping more animals in need. When a rescue knows an animal has funding, they can rely on that money to cover the costs of an animal’s care. Similarly, most shelters operate with a lean staff and a tight budget. Additional funding can help them implement programs they otherwise wouldn’t have the means to operate.


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The Ripple Effect

While we each act individually, it’s our collective effort that creates a wave of change. Every donation made through PetGiving makes a difference, because our combined efforts add up to lives saved.

PetGiving gives you the power to be part of a lifesaving solution. Join our movement.

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We believe adoptable animals shouldn’t die in shelters due to lack of space. By pre-funding the costs of care for a shelter animal, you provide the means necessary for rescue groups to save at-risk dogs and cats.

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