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PetGiving is funding a path from shelter to home. Our online platform will help donors fund urgent animal rescue efforts from shelters. Full website functionality and animal funding coming soon!

What is PetGiving?

When one day can mean the difference between safety and uncertainty, PetGiving allows donors to cover costs of care and directly help animal rescue groups and shelters save more lives.

Animals Are at Risk

Animals usually arrive at shelters one of three ways: They’re brought in by animal control, surrendered by owners, or dropped off as strays. Because many shelters have an open admission policy, they’re required to take every single animal that arrives on their doorstep. Across the country, animal shelters receive 6.5 million cats and dogs every year.

With limited kennel space, many shelters have no choice but to limit an animal’s length of stay to make room for new arrivals. In some shelters, an animal may have only three days to be rescued or adopted before being euthanized. Shelters rely on their own adoption programs and the work of rescue groups to help save animals’ lives.


There's a New Way to Help Animals in Need

Rescue support is key to increasing the save rate at any shelter. But like shelters, rescues work with limited space and financial resources. Most need outside donors to support their ongoing rescue efforts – to cover the costs of fostering, caring for and transporting animals. With limited funds, these groups face difficult decisions about when and how often they can step up and step in to help.

PetGiving is the first donation solution designed to help donors help animal rescue groups and shelters save more lives by covering the costs of an animal’s care.

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PetGiving's Process
How It Works

How it Works

With PetGiving, you can pre-fund the costs of care for a shelter animal in urgent need. When you do, you provide the money and incentive for a rescue group to step in when they’re needed most. It’s a win-win for everyone: for the animal, the shelter, the rescue group – and you.

Why It Works

Why It Works

When a rescue group knows an individual animal has funding, they can rely on those resources to cover the costs of caring for that animal. While other donations to a rescue may go to veterinary bills, business operations, and other overall efforts, your PetGiving dollars are directed to the point of need – the animal.

A Proven Method for Saving Animal Lives

Every week, we profile animals in the Harris County Animal Shelter who are in urgent need. HCAS receives an average of 2,000 animals every month – in a shelter designed to hold 150 animals at a time. Due to the limited capacity, an animal arriving into HCAS is limited to a stay of three days.

Since our founding, we’ve been facilitating funding for animals at HCAS. Every month, we showcase 300-400 animals – the young, old, cute, happy, sad, injured, healthy and sick – faced with euthanasia. Our approach has led to a 93 percent save rate for profiled animals – and a proven method for saving lives.


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Coming soon: Fund An Animal

We believe adoptable animals shouldn’t die in shelters due to lack of space. By pre-funding the costs of care for a shelter animal, you provide the means necessary for rescue groups to save at-risk dogs and cats. Full pet funding functionality is coming soon. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates!


A New Tool for Saving Animal Lives

Are you interested in using PetGiving to support your local shelter and rescue groups? Contact us to learn more.

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