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About Us

Solving a Unique Challenge

In 2015, PetGiving founder Pam Siedler began working as a weekly volunteer with the Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas.

When she learned of the shelter’s low live release rate, Pam began looking for ways to give the animals greater exposure through social media and to increase awareness of the capacity crisis facing the shelter. Pam launched the Harris County Animal Shelter Pets in Need Facebook page to showcase animals in need and bring much-needed attention to the shelter. A year later she founded the non-profit organization Day of the Dogs.

Through her work, Pam quickly learned of the challenges rescues face when trying to collect on pledged funds. In response, she developed a fundraising model to ensure funds could be secured before a rescue organization took action to save an animal.

As the success of her efforts became clear, with thousands of animals saved year over year, Pam realized her model could be scaled beyond Harris County to support the needs of animals in open-admission municipal shelters across the country. That’s when the idea for PetGiving was born.


Serving the Greater Need

Many municipal shelters in the U.S. have an open admission policy, which means they’re required to take every single animal that arrives on their doorstep. With limited kennel space, shelters may have no choice but to limit an animal’s length of stay to make room for new arrivals. In some shelters, an animal may have only three days to be to be saved. Shelters rely on their own adoption and foster programs, efforts to prevent surrenders at intake, return to owners, and the work of rescue groups to help save animals’ lives.

Building on the crowdfunding model established through Day of the Dogs, PetGiving was created to increase the live release rate at high-intake municipal shelters and solve the fundraising challenges that are unique to rescue organizations.

Thanks to the opportunity provided by the PetCo Foundation and the PetCo Innovation Showdown, we were able to design an innovative, purpose-built tool that provides transparency in collecting and transferring funds, and streamlines the efforts of animal advocates, shelters, rescues, donors and “friends of” groups. With support from PetCo, we’ve been able to expand our local vision to a national mission that helps shelters and rescues across the country decrease length of stay and increase live-release rates.

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A New Tool for Saving Lives

Are you interested in using PetGiving to support your local shelter and rescue groups? Contact us to learn more.

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We believe adoptable animals shouldn’t die in shelters due to lack of space. By pre-funding the costs of care for a shelter animal, you provide the means necessary for rescue groups to save at-risk dogs and cats.


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