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Saving the Day Through Donations


Donations provide the money and incentive for a rescue group to step in when they’re needed most. When a rescue group knows an animal has funding, they can rely on those resources to cover the costs of care – including food, boarding and veterinary needs.

When we collect donations, we transfer them directly to the supporting rescue group after they take action.

Shelters may also benefit from your kindness. If the animal leaves with a shelter foster instead of a rescue group, the funds collected for the animal go to the shelter. If an animal has any other outcome besides rescued or fostered the funds collected roll to other animals in need at the shelter.

With PetGiving, your dollars are directed to the point of need – the animals.

Giving Is Easy:
Fund An Animal

We believe adoptable animals shouldn’t die in shelters due to lack of space. By pre-funding the costs of care for a shelter animal, you provide the means necessary for rescue groups to save at-risk dogs and cats.

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