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Get Involved

Get Involved with PetGiving

Our mission is to increase the live release rate of shelter animals across the country through rescue and adoption support. Donors, shelters and rescue organizations all have a part to play in saving animals’ lives. You’re invited to get involved as an advocate, rescue group, shelter or corporate partner.

Become an Animal Advocate

Rescue support is key to increasing the save rate at any shelter, but most rescue organizations work with limited financial resources. Donations are key to their life-saving efforts.

Pre-funding helps encourage rescue organizations to pull at-risk animals from shelters. When a rescue group knows an animal has funding, they can rely on those resources to cover the costs of care – including food, boarding and veterinary needs – until they can place the animal with a new family.

To donate in support of an animal, browse our Animals in Need page to view cats and dogs that are currently at risk and in need of rescue. Or donate to the Urgent Animal Fund. To help raise awareness, we encourage you to talk, post and share information about the animals you see here.

Donate Now

If you’re interested in fostering, adopting or otherwise supporting an animal profiled on PetGiving, contact the related shelter directly for more information. You’ll find their contact details within each animal’s profile.

Become a Rescue Partner

PetGiving was created to help rescues help shelters help pets. The donations we collect help cover the costs rescue groups incur once they pull an animal from a shelter. With national reach, this means donations can come from any animal advocate, anywhere.

To become a registered rescue resource with PetGiving, please contact us.

Become a Shelter Partner

When rescues step in to help, they free up scarce kennel space in shelters and make room for incoming animals. These efforts then also provide the opportunity for shelters to increase the length of stay for other animals – and their chances for adoption or rescue.

To become a registered shelter with PetGiving, please contact us.

Become a Corporate Partner

Partnerships with small and large businesses alike help us reach our goals to reduce the rate of euthanasia through pre-funding rescue efforts. The need is ongoing, and as a corporate partner, your support can help save the lives of countless animals.

Please contact us to discuss opportunities for corporate giving and sponsorship.