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How It Works

Pre-Funding Costs of Care

With PetGiving, you can pre-fund the costs of care for a shelter animal in urgent need – and help save more lives.

Here’s How to Get Started:

Get Started Step 1
Get Started Step 1

Begin by browsing our Animals in Need page to view cats and dogs that are currently at risk and in need of rescue. You can browse by animal type, location and shelter.

Get Started Step 2
Get Started Step 2

Click through to the profile of the individual dog or cat you’d like to support. There you’ll find a description of the animal and additional photos and information.

Get Started Step 3
Get Started Step 3

Select the “Give to this Animal” button to donate funds to help cover costs of care and encourage a rescue group to step in to help.

Get Started Step 4
Get Started Step 4

Use social media to share the profile of the animal or animals you support and keep the cycle of good going!

If you’re interested in fostering, adopting or otherwise supporting an animal you see here on PetGiving, you can contact the related shelter directly for more information. You’ll find shelter contact information on the animal’s profile page.

Saving the Day Through Donations

Donations provide the money and incentive for a rescue group to step in when they’re needed most. When a rescue group knows an animal has funding, they can rely on those resources to cover the costs of care – including food, boarding and veterinary needs.

When we collect donations, we transfer them directly to the supporting rescue group after they take action. With PetGiving, your dollars are directed to the point of need – the animal.

Staying on Track

Shelters assign a unique animal ID to the dogs and cats they take in. Using that number, we maintain documentation to track every animal that receives funds through our website.

Once a shelter-approved rescue group notifies us they’ve pulled an animal from the shelter, our administrative staff transfers the donations we’ve collected to that group. Donations made toward an individual animal stay with that animal when funds are transferred.

Learn More

What do donations cover? What happens if a dog or cat isn’t adopted or rescued? You’ll find all the details on our FAQs page.

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Fund an Animal

We believe adoptable animals shouldn’t die in shelters due to lack of space. By pre-funding the costs of care for a shelter animal, you provide the means necessary for rescue groups to save at-risk dogs and cats.

A New Tool for Saving Lives

Are you interested in using PetGiving to support your local shelter and rescue groups? Contact us to learn more.

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